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The Self-Care Guide to Surgery

The Self-Care Guide to Surgery

A BodyMindCORE Approach to Prevention, Preparation and Recovery

Noah Karrasch, illustrated by David Frizell
2020, Ebook, ePUB
ISBN: 9781787751682

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· What should we do in preparation for an upcoming surgery?
· What is the best way to recover after surgery?
· How can we be proactive and prevent the need for surgery in the first place?

Written for those who have undergone or who are about to have surgery, this guide will help readers find their way through the difficult maze of emotions, physical pain and fear. By including advice on what to do to aid recovery and reduce negative long-term effects, Karrasch teaches the reader how to take charge of the body, whether before or after surgery.

The book also includes useful information about what we can do to take care of our bodies and avoid having surgery in the first place, such as nutritional advice and gentle movement tips drawing on BodyMindCORE techniques. It is the perfect guide for those not only facing surgery and those wanting to stay healthy, but also for those who want to love and support them.


By (author): Noah Karrasch