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  1. Free Yourself from Emetophobia

    Free Yourself from Emetophobia

    A CBT Self-Help Guide for a Fear of Vomiting

    Alexandra Keyes and David Veale

    Drawing on CBT and ERP, this self-help guide provides the tools needed to better understand and overcome emetophobia. It addresses key causes, offers guidance on common challenges and sets out a clear step-by-step plan to free yourself from emetophobia and live a life that is meaningful to you. Learn More
    Sep 2021, 192pp
  2. Helping Your Child with PDA Live a Happier Life

    Helping Your Child with PDA Live a Happier Life

    Alice Running

    This succinct parenting guide offers practical strategies for families and carers of children with pathological demand avoidance (PDA). Covers everything you need to know on a range of everyday issues such as sensory needs, routines, transitions, education, and working with professionals. Learn More
    Sep 2021, 128pp
  3. To Be Like Water

    To Be Like Water

    Cultivating a Graceful and Fulfilling Life through the Virtues of Water and Dao Yin Therapeutic Movement

    Margot Rossi

    This book uses water as a symbol for how transformation is possible in the human mind and body via mindfulness, movement, and curiosity. Drawing on classical Chinese medicine, the book helps the reader develop a self-awareness and understanding of the habits, thought patterns, and trauma that help create our form whilst encouraging healing, growth, and treatment via East Asian philosophy. Learn More
    Sep 2021, 224pp
  4. Autistic Logistics, Second Edition

    Autistic Logistics, Second Edition

    A Parent's Guide to Tackling Bedtime, Toilet Training, Meltdowns, Hitting, and Other Everyday Challenges

    Kate Wilde

    A fully updated edition of the bestselling guide to parenting children on the autism spectrum. It covers all the key problem areas including sleep, food avoidance and emotional regulation, and is full of tried-and-tested strategies drawn from the author's extensive experience of working with autistic children. It also has exercises for parents and caregivers. Learn More
    Sep 2021, 288pp
  5. Doodle Your Worries Away

    Doodle Your Worries Away

    A CBT Doodling Workbook for Children Who Feel Worried or Anxious

    Tanja Sharpe

    Drawing on CBT, mindfulness and creative therapy methods, this workbook is a tool to help children aged 8+ explore, process and understand their worries through doodling and colouring activities. Children can complete the tasks by themselves or with guidance from the adults supporting them. Learn More
    Sep 2021, 128pp
  6. Intention and Non-Doing in Therapeutic Bodywork

    Intention and Non-Doing in Therapeutic Bodywork

    Andrew James Pike

    This book advocates for the practice of non-doing within therapist-client settings, achieved by the therapist paying attention to their own intentions and leaving all assumptions behind in order to be truly present with their client. This builds the foundations of safe touch and builds upon a sense of calm intensity and its expression in non-doing. Learn More
    Sep 2021, 256pp
  7. Returning from Qingcheng Mountain

    Returning from Qingcheng Mountain

    Melding Daoist Practices into Daily Life

    Wang Yun

    The third and final volume of Daoist master Wang Yun's best-selling trilogy, this book accompanies the reader through the necessary steps to integrating the master's ancient teachings into everyday life, and touches upon the many aspects of practice in a modern-day context. The book also contains two sets of detailed qigong exercises: the twelve-step longevity bathing practice and the eight-step brocade. Learn More
    Sep 2021, 368pp
  8. A School for Everyone

    A School for Everyone

    Stories and Lesson Plans to Teach Inclusivity and Social Issues

    Ffion Jones, Helen Cowie and Harriet Tenenbaum, illustrated by Ffion Jones

    A compendium of social stories followed by activities, lesson plans and useful resources for teachers and parents to discuss their opinions and concerns on a range of issues such as gender diversity, racism, neurodiversity and climate change. Learn More
    Sep 2021, 192pp
  9. The Designated Mental Health Lead Planner

    The Designated Mental Health Lead Planner

    A Guide and Checklist for the School Year

    Clare Erasmus

    This planner provides much needed support and guidance for Designated Mental Health Leads (DMHLs). Drawing on the author's experience as a DMHL, it includes detailed plans and checklists for all 39 academic weeks offering a suggested focus and strategy to achieve the aims of the role. Learn More
    Aug 2021, 184pp
  10. He’s My Mom!

    He’s My Mom!

    A Story for Children Who Have a Transgender Parent or Relative

    Sarah Savage, illustrated by Joules Garcia

    An illustrated picture book for kids age 3-7, telling the story of Benjamin and his mom, David. Benjamin speaks with confidence about pronouns, transitioning, misgendering, family diversity and dysphoria, and emphasises why we need to treat trans people with respect. Learn More
    Aug 2021, 40pp

Items 1 to 10 of 548 total

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