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Neurodiverse Relationships

Neurodiverse Relationships

Autistic and Neurotypical Partners Share Their Experiences

Joanna Pike with Tony Attwood. Foreword by Tony Attwood

Quick Overview

This book shines a light on both partners' experiences in neurodiverse relationships, helping couples try to negotiate what it means to be 'different together'. Each of the twelve couples included in the book navigate through a specific key issue, which is followed by a commentary by Tony Attwood.
Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers
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Paperback / softback
2019, 8.43in x 5.43in / 214mm x 138mm, 216pp
ISBN: 9781787750289
2019, ePUB
ISBN: 9781787750296
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Comprised of the accounts of twelve heterosexual couples in which the man is on the Autism Spectrum, this book invites both partners to discuss their own perspectives of different key issues, including anxiety, empathy, employment and socialising. Autism expert Tony Attwood contributes a commentary and a question and answer section for each of the twelve accounts.

The first book of its kind to provide perspectives from both sides of a relationship on a variety of different topics, Neurodiverse Relationships is the perfect companion for couples in neurodiverse relationships who are trying to understand one another better.


'This is a revolutionary book: it looks at each issue from the point of view of both AS and NT partners. So both gain, even more with Tony Attwood's comments. It is really really helpful.'
- Susanna Todd, Director of Different Together, NT spouse


One of the most informative, realistic and useful books I have read on the topic of AS/non-AS relationships. This book is totally unique and unlike any other I have read. It offers the reader an insight into both perspectives of an AS/non-AS relationship as both partners share honestly and openly how they experience each other. In addition, Professor Tony Attwood offers his valuable experience, expertise and knowledge explaining and answering questions at the end of each couple section. It is guaranteed that any reader in a similar situation will find themselves identifying with the couples in this superb book. I highly recommend this book for couples, individuals and professionals who work in this area.

Well done Joanna for putting this book together and thank you for making me smile with your humorous sketches!

- Maxine Aston, author of The Other Half of Asperger Syndrome, Aspergers in Love and The Asperger Couples Workbook

'A treasure trove of experiences, perspectives and strategies to enlighten and inspire every professional's practice, Neurodiverse Relationships is a unique collection of relationship stories and a glimpse into the diversity of AS/NT relationships with invaluable insights on the most significant challenges neurodiverse couples are navigating together.'
- Natalie Roberts, Asperger's Relationship Coach and Mentor


Finally a perspective on neurodiverse relationship dynamics for yourselves, family and friends! This book gives experiential description showing the impact of the array of inherent differences.
I found Tony Attwood's comments at the end of each chapter immensely helpful because they put into context each partner's experience in a meaningful way.
Highly recommended!

- Clare Hargrave, Early Childhood Education Specialist, NT spouse


Edited by: Joanna Stevenson
Foreword by: Tony Attwood