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Foundations of Theory for Ancient Chinese Medicine

Foundations of Theory for Ancient Chinese Medicine

Shang Han Lun and Contemporary Medical Texts

Guohui Liu, M.Med., L.Ac., Foreword by Charles Buck

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Guohui Liu explains the key concepts of ancient Chinese medicine so that they can be better understood and put into practice by modern practitioners. With the Shang Han Lun as a basis for discussion, it includes information on Chinese culture and philosophy as well as specific issues such as the six conformations and zang-fu organ theory.
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2015, 10.08in x 7.13in / 256mm x 181mm, 280pp
ISBN: 978-1-84819-262-1
2015, ePUB, 272pp
ISBN: 978-0-85701-211-1
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Discussion of Cold Damage (Shang Han Lun) and contemporary texts of ancient China form the bedrock of modern Chinese medicine practice, yet these classic texts contain many concepts that are either hard to understand or confusing. Based on over thirty years' medical practice, and study of the texts, this book explains the concepts involved so that the clinical applications of the ancient texts can be better understood and put into practice. The author looks at the larger context of ancient Chinese culture and philosophy in terms of theoretical knowledge, scholarly approach, and mindset in order to explain the basis for the medical texts. He also discusses the work of later Chinese medical scholars in elucidating the texts. He then goes on to look at more specific issues, such as the six conformations, zang-fu organ theory, the theory of qi and blood, the theory of qi transformation, and how these are understood in the ancient texts. He also discusses shao yang and tai yang theory; the element of time, and its place in understanding six conformations diseases.

This remarkable work of scholarship will clarify many questions about the interpretation of the ancient texts for modern use, and will find a place on the bookshelf of every practitioner of Chinese medicine, as well as on those of scholars of Chinese medicine.


'Liu has excavated important historical, sociological and lineal knowledge about the development of Shang Han Lun and other important ancient texts. A scholarly and critical analysis rises from the pages in a way which is inspiring... The depth of insight provided here will enhance the skills of any serious practitioner of Chinese herbal medicine, and especially those who follow the great saint of medicine, Zhang Zhong-Jing.'
- William Morris, PhD, Co-author of Li Shi-zhen Pulse Studies: An Illustrated Guide

'To hold an informed position... requires that we have a proper overview of the complexities of scholarly literature over the past thousand years, the insiders understanding of Shanghan theory that professor Guohui Liu provides here. So, by explicating the story for us, and presenting his personal scholarly interpretation, he allows us to more properly understand the issues. Liu is our forester offering guidance through the dense Shanghan literature forest.'
- from the foreword by Charles Buck, practitioner and teacher in Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture, and Chair, British Acupuncture Council


By (author): Guohui Liu
Foreword by: Charles Buck