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Contemporary French Aromatherapy

Contemporary French Aromatherapy

A Pharmacological and Therapeutic Guide to 100 Essential Oils

Dominique Baudoux. Foreword by Kurt Schnaubelt

Quick Overview

This is a translation of a scientific manual of 100 essential oils, containing details about their scientific composition, pharmacological properties and uses. Based on years of work and research, it provides guidance and detailed information to support the use of aromatherapy and essentials for wellbeing.
2019, Hardback, 10.08in x 7.72in / 256mm x 196mm, 544pp
ISBN: 9781787750265

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This manual from the French school of aromatherapy is a comprehensive guide to 100 essential oils offering practical and rigorous information for integrative and complementary health practitioners. Everything you need to know in terms of botany, quality criteria, biochemistry and toxicity is explained, alongside guidance on therapeutic application to improve health and wellbeing.

Due to their diverse and varied properties, essential oils can be used across many different complementary health modalities. Whilst recognizing the complexity and the importance of the molecular structure of plant essences, this guide incorporates information about energetic approaches and the role of olfaction in supporting therapeutic practices.

This first English translation of Dominique Baudoux's work provides the reader with a wealth of knowledge, research and guidance on application, including a large number of validated formulas for treatment.


'Written with clarity and authority, this exploration of the distinctive French approach to aromatherapy will broaden the horizons for all essential oil practitioners. Although rooted in pharmacology, vitalistic aspects are also woven into the therapeutic philosophy. Precise guidelines for all methods of essential oil delivery are presented, and numerous tried and tested formulations are offered. This book will fascinate and inspire, and will undoubtedly and deservedly become the definitive guide to the practice of clinical and medical aromatherapy.'
- Jennifer Peace Rhind, author, mentor and essential oil consultant.

'To have a book by Dominique Baudoux available in English is beyond exciting! As US educators who are passionate about redefining the practice of "Aromatherapy" for a new generation of aromatherapists, hungry for a balanced, progessive and relevant approach - having Mr. Baudoux's galvanizing material easily accessible will be a game changer.'
- Amy Galper, Co-Founder of the New York Institute of Aromatic Studies.


An excellent guide for aromatherapists and health professionals. The book is affordable for anyone interested in aromatherapy and for experts in the field, and offers in-depth scientific information.

It is time to clarify and distinguish the different forms of applications, to be able to use essential oils effectively and safely and to abolish restrictive beliefs about pure application or internal intake due to a lack of scientific knowledge. Dominique's book will bring more certainty and know-how in Aromatherapy, combining biochemical and pharmaceutical data with empirical and traditional knowledge.

- Lydia Bosson, International Teacher of Aromatherapy, Ayurveda and Self-Development, author of Hydrosol Therapy


By (author): Dominique Baudoux
Translated by: Marek Lorys
Foreword by: Kurt Schnaubelt