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Coming Out, Again

Coming Out, Again

Transition Stories

Sabrina Symington

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A witty and empowering graphic novel following members of a diverse queer community as they navigate life outside the mainstream. Full of tips and advice, this book encourages nuanced understandings of identity, gender and relationships, and is a testament to being who you are.
Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers
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Paperback / softback
2021, 10.24in x 6.69in / 260mm x 170mm, 144pp
ISBN: 9781787752405

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'We don't just come out once. We have to come out continually throughout our lives. And as we grow and change and reach a newfound understanding of who we are, we come out once again in a whole new way.'

Following the interconnected lives of a diverse queer community - including asexual, polyamorous, trans and autigender people - this empowering graphic novel explores the multitude of ways a person's identity and relationships can be expressed and can change over time. From Lily coming out as a lesbian after coming out as a trans woman, to Leanne embracing their genderqueer identity in later life, to Ty navigating their queerness with their autistic identity, these stories illustrate how life lived at the intersection of gender, sexuality, race and class is often a journey with many chapters.

Full of love and pride - as well as tips and advice - these witty, tender and inspiring narratives prove there is no wrong way to be who you are, so long as you are being true to yourself.


'Coming Out, Again is a brilliant mix of the whimsical and serious sides of LGBT+ and neurodiverse identities, breaking through the polite fa├žade we often wear and exposing how wonderful and silly we can be in private spaces. It's a privilege to read and to love the characters, they spring off the page, and it is all too easy to find yourself within them. Handled with obvious care and love, this book is a breath of fresh air."'
- Poe Charlotte, author of 'How to Be Autistic'

'I Highly recommend this beautifully crafted and intelligently scripted novel of so many diverse and divergent experiences that many autistic individuals face, daily. This graphic novel is both entertaining, enlightening, inclusive and challenging. It's all too easy to stay hidden in one's arrogance and preconceived notions of 'Other'.'
- Wenn B. Lawson (PhD) CPsychol AFBPsS University of Birmingham, UK. Honorary Researcher, Macquarie University & Curtin University, Australia

'I absolutely loved this book. It covers a range of issues around gender, sexuality, race and neurodiversity in an inclusive, affirming and engaging way. This book would be great for Queer and questioning young - and not so young - people. As an autistic and non-binary person I found the book very empowering. Highly recommended.'
- Yenn Purkis, non-binary and autistic advocate and author

'Through the eyes of a diverse cast of characters, Sabrina Symington proves once again how much of a great storyteller and communicator she is. You won't be able to put that book down!'
- Sophie Labelle, author and cartoonist


By (author): Sabrina Symington