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Chinese Symbols for Baby Brains

Chinese Symbols for Baby Brains

Chungliang Al Huang with Lark Huang-Storms

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This introduction to the Chinese language uses bold, high contrast calligraphy to capture a baby's eye. With the imagery designed to help increase a baby's visual attention and stimulate brain development, it is the perfect book for parent and child to learn the very basics of the Chinese language.
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2017, PDF, 32pp
ISBN: 978-1-78450-764-0
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Board book
2017, 7.83in x 7.17in / 199mm x 182mm, 32pp
ISBN: 978-1-84819-376-5


Babies love to look at high contrast colors and patterns. Research has shown that a baby's developing retina sees bold color contrasts best; all around the world, black and white and red are babies' favorite colors! Babies also seek out geometric shapes, especially circles, which readily captivate their interest.

The calligraphy symbols in this book not only introduce the beauty of Chinese language but are specifically designed to capture a baby's visual attention. They were created to naturally attract a baby's gaze in order to increase visual attention and stimulate brain development.


By (author): Chungliang Al Huang