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You Can Change the World!

You Can Change the World!

Everyday Teen Heroes Making a Difference Everywhere

Margaret Rooke. Forewords by Taylor Richardson and Katie Hodgetts @KTclimate, illustrated by Kara McHale

Quick Overview

The experiences of over 50 teenagers interviewed for this book show the practical and positive changes it's possible to make in the world around us. If you want to tackle today's tough issues: body image, cyber-bullying, environment damage and more, these positive role models show it's possible to build resilience and transform the lives we live.
Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers
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Paperback / softback
2019, 8.50in x 5.43in / 216mm x 138mm, 320pp
ISBN: 9781785925023
2019, PDF
ISBN: 978-1-78450-897-5
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**Joint Gold Winner of the Moonbeam Multicultural Non-Fiction Award 2019**

This inspirational book tells the stories of more than 50 of today's teenagers who've dared to change the world they live in. It's been written to show other teens they can do the same. Bestselling author Margaret Rooke asks teens about their experiences of being volunteers, social entrepreneurs and campaigners, online and beyond. They explain how they have survived in a world often obsessed by celebrity, social media and appearance, by refusing to conform to other's expectations.

If you want to achieve against the odds and create genuine impact, this book may be the encouragement you need. The interviews cover race, sexuality, violence, grief, neurodiversity, bullying and other issues central to life today.

Read about teens from around the world including
- Trisha, 18, who has invented a way of preventing bullying online
- Dillon, 18, who takes damaged and donated clothing and upcycles it for the homeless
- Guro, 13, who persuaded a pop band to portray women differently in its video
- 'Happy D', 19, who learned to read at 14 and found ways to build his confidence
- Heraa, 19, who fights Islamophobia online.
- Ruben, 18, bullied because of Down's Syndrome, now a successful actor
- Lucy who, at 14, walked into Tesco head office and persuaded them not to sell eggs from caged hens.
- Cameron, 17, who has cerebral palsy and was side-lined by soccer teams who set up his own team 'Adversity United'
- Alex, 18, who broke his back on his 15th birthday and says his injury has taught him to care for others
- Amika, 18, who fights 'Period Poverty'
- Jesse, 15, who's seven feet tall and embraces his stature
- Billy, 18, who wore full make up every day at high school


'As education editor of The Sunday Times I am fed up with hearing about Generation Snowflake. Here at last is a book that disproves that label. I loved reading these stories of 50 teenagers who have literally changed the world for the better through their efforts. Hurrah for the next generation - Generation Sunshine!'
- Sian Griffiths, Education and Families Editor, Sunday Times

'This book is positive, impactful and vital. By reading this, you really can change the world.'
- Eve Ainsworth, author of 7 Days

'A beautiful tribute to the power of youth and their driving passion to see and make change in the world. What we gain from these active young voices is that hope, not despair is on the move, and one small change sparks another.'
- Amie Williams, Co-Founder and Executive Director, GlobalGirl Media

'A step by step guide to changing the world, what's not to love? A great book for any teen wanting to turn passion into action.'
- Dr Pooky Knightsmith, Mental Health Advisor, Author Speaker & Educator, and Vice Chair of Children and Young People’s Mental Health Coalition

''Inspirational' is an over-used word, but this really is an inspirational book! Modest, practical and passionate, these stories should be given to every young person who has a heart and is wondering how to use it.'
- Nick Luxmoore, school counsellor and author

'This book is truly an amazing read. It tells the beautiful stories of some absolutely astounding teenagers making the most of life. As a teenager myself these stories fill me with hope and show me that no matter how hard life can get as a teen, there's always a light at the end of the tunnel. And that even though sometimes you feel small and insignificant, You can make a difference.'
- Ben Roots, aged 17

'What an inspiration! If this doesn't get you dreaming, thinking and doing something about a better world, nothing will! The bold testimonies honestly help you realise how mighty the power of one is. These true stories really have a magic and force that is radical and captivating!'
- Rachael Dellaca, WA, Australia, aged 17

'I think this book is amazing as we always hear about the terrible acts of teenagers and forget about the good things that we can do. It reminds us that we have the power to make a difference even when people say we are too young to understand. I'm inspired to make a change.'
- Seren, Age 13

'I hope that this book will be widely read by teenagers. I think it shows that, whatever life throws at them especially in what are often such vulnerable and uncertain years, they are not alone; that there is always a way forward, and that there are others out there like them who know what they are going through. I hope this moving book will inspire other teenagers to feel better about themselves and encourage them to harness their passion and determination into a real force for good in this often difficult world.'
- Zelda West-Meads, Counsellor and therapist and Agony Aunt for You magazine, Mail on Sunday

'You Can Change The World showed me that I can achieve anything I set my mind to and I don't need to wait until I'm an adult to get started. It is full of inspirational teens and each of their individual stories has a great message behind it. Plus, there are fantastic tips for how to follow in their footsteps.'
- Ella Plasett, age 14, London, England

'A fantastic book that captures the work of young changemakers. Powerful and inspiring, a catalogue of real role models. It will make you want to chase your passion. After all what better cause is there?'
- Matteo Bergamini, CEO & Founder, Shout Out UK

'Now I know that there are actually quite a lot of people who realise and act.'
- Olivia Cooper, aged 14


By (author): Margaret Rooke
Illustrated by: Kara McHale