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On Being a Five Element Acupuncturist

On Being a Five Element Acupuncturist

Nora Franglen

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Based on her well-read blog, Nora Franglen provides a rich insight into the inner thoughts and feelings of a master acupuncturist. Covering everything from her love of coffee shops to how to treat patients effectively, it is reveals the holistic and rich nature of acupuncture.
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Paperback / softback
2015, 8.43in x 5.51in / 214mm x 140mm, 296pp
ISBN: 978-1-84819-236-2
2015, ePUB, 296pp
ISBN: 978-0-85701-183-1
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What does it mean to 'be' an acupuncturist? How does a highly experienced acupuncturist view her practice, her patients, and the world in general?

Based on her widely-read blog about the wholeness of life as a Five Element practitioner, Nora Franglen's breadth of interest shows how the curiosity and life experiences of the individual lie at the heart of what makes a true acupuncturist, over and beyond the necessary knowledge and expertise in the technicalities of practice. From her penchant for coffee shops to reflections on challenges she has experienced in the clinic, Nora illustrates how the Five Elements influence, illuminate and, ultimately, enrich all aspects of her life, and vice versa.

With reflections gathered from over several years of posting linked by Nora's commentary, this diary is truly enlightening reading for anyone interested in the inner workings of a practitioner at one with her craft.


'Through her blogs Nora expresses her mastery as a practitioner and her deep understanding of the five elements. She writes about humanity with humility, passion and the insights gained from resonating with a person's Guardian Element. Nora never claims infallibility; instead she shares her uncertainties and mistakes so that we too may learn, as she has. Her best book yet, it offers much food for thought.'
- Rob Ransome, former Vice-principal at SOFEA, five element acupuncturist and counsellor

'This collection conveys Nora Franglen's deep understanding of the five elements and the world of acupuncture. Nora's journey as a practitioner, teacher (and Londoner!) and her views on life and the world at large make for a heart-warming and thought provoking read. Her writings bring the elements into my everyday life, helping me understand myself and others better.'
- Sujata Varadarajan, Scientist, Writer,

'The experience of reading Nora Franglen's latest book is akin to sitting with her in one of her beloved London caf├ęs, listening to her as she holds forth on the Five Elements. Nora envelops the reader in the abundant joy she brings to her ever-evolving work as a "practical acupuncturist" astutely and with refreshingly frank introspection. This book is an invaluable, inspiring resource for anyone with an interest in the practice and life of a Five Element acupuncturist and teacher.'
- Kerstin Lehr, Acupuncture Intern, The Acupuncture Academy (Leamington Spa, UK)

'If you are interested in making sense of our demanding, draining and complex world, On Being a Five Element Acupuncturist offers a precious window into it. With a lifetime's practice of seeing and working with the most subtle energies of the body, Nora's hard-earned wisdom and thought-provoking observations offer a rarely found depth of insight. This book weaves ancient knowledge into modern life with a clarity and simplicity that belies the profound value it offers.'
- Jeremy Sweeney, owner of JMS Resources, specialising in strategic development


By (author): Nora Franglen