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 Medicine Tree

Medicine Tree

Traditional Healing for Mind, Body and Spirit

James C. Bae

Quick Overview

Revealing the common principles of Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, and yoga for improved knowledge and practice. Discussing diet, herbs, yoga and massage alongside common health concerns, this is an engaging and informative account of the interdisciplinary workings of traditional and complementary health.
2020, Paperback / softback, 9.02in x 5.98in / 229mm x 152mm, 300pp
ISBN: 978-1-84819-305-5

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Medicine Tree explores the salient theories of Ayurveda and Chinese medicine that are relevant to yoga and its therapeutic properties. Inviting readers on a journey through the realms of history and philosophy, this book points to the wisdom underlying many traditional healing systems, and shows how an interdisciplinary approach to yoga and traditional medicine can serve as a strong foundation for practice.

Bringing together different world views that are embedded in health practices, this book highlights the common holistic and therapeutic principles found in diverse traditional and complementary approaches to health. Diet, herbs, massage and yoga are discussed as they relate to life cycles, seasonal regimens and health concerns, including perinatal care and men's and women's health. This book provides yoga educators and complementary therapists and students with a complete overview of the foundational theory.


By (author): James C. Bae