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A Sensory Journey

A Sensory Journey

Meditations on Scent for Wellbeing

Jennifer Peace Rhind

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This card set, which includes 24 cards, a booklet and a sensory map, guides and informs scent meditation for personal and spiritual growth. Each card explores a different fragrance and features a scent description, an image of the botanical source, and inspirational words about the scent's evocative influence to help guide meditation.
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2013, 6.54in x 5.04in / 166mm x 128mm
ISBN: 978-1-84819-153-2
2013, ePUB, 24pp
ISBN: 978-0-85701-175-6
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Scent is often used to accompany meditation but is rarely the focus of it. This card set, which brings together ancient and contemporary understanding of the influence of aromatics on our wellbeing, is an introduction to meditating on scent and discovering the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of beginning your own sensory journey.

'A Sensory Journey' guides and informs scent meditations. By meditating on the fragrance itself, rather than using it as an adjunct to other meditation rituals (through burning incense or scented candles), fragrance can go beyond merely enhancing or modifying our moods and become a key means to personal and spiritual growth. These cards, and the accompanying booklet and sensory map, explore different fragrances and make the benefits of scent meditation accessible to all. Each of the 24 cards, which are arranged in botanical groupings, features a scent description, an image of the botanical source, and inspirational words about the scent's evocative influence to help guide meditation.

This unique and accessible card set is perfect for anyone interested in meditation, aromatherapy, personal growth and the use of fragrance to enhance wellbeing.


'A great example of a narrative piece, which is so well described it makes you feel that you can smell the scents. Deliciously evocative, A Sensory Journey is a mixture of knowledge and pure scent-sations. An exquisite mix of cultural and historical notions that makes you understand the value behind every scent, as well as its properties and potential benefits in specific situations. Just by reading it you'll get closer to the state of mind that you're pursuing!'
- Carlotta Zorzi, Marketing Manager at Scent Sciences Corporation

'This fascinating publication guides you through a personal sensory journey combining illustrated cards, aromas, and meditation to help bring about a state of harmony and wellbeing. The connection between aromas and memory can be a profound experience, and used correctly can help to release the negative emotions and fears that hold us back from realising our full potential. I particularly enjoy the five seasonal meditations. The whole experience is uplifting, empowering, and thoroughly enjoyable.'
- Sue Charles, Clinical Aromatherapist, ESIPF, and Owner of Quinessence Aromatherapy

'Jennifer Rhind's A Sensory Journey is an imaginative and original contribution to aromatherapy literature. Results of current scientific research have confirmed the value of a positive mental attitude as a vital factor in our overall sense of wellbeing and Jennifer shows how natural perfumes can be used to bring about a positive change in our mood directly. The meditations in this book also help us to connect with the natural world around us via our sense of smell and to enjoy the present moment! The cards themselves are a pleasure for the eyes with beautiful images which help to convey the inherent character of each plant.'
- Julia Lawless, Founder of Aqua Oleum and author of books including The Encyclopaedia of Essential Oils and The Complete Illustrated Guide to Aromatherapy


By (author): Jennifer Peace Rhind