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Oleg Tcherne

Oleg Tcherne is a practitioner of internal martial arts with over 25 years of experience. The main focus of Oleg's practice is Daoist Alchemy. He has undergone teaching with Daoist monks in China and has practiced with a variety of masters. He currently teaches and practices Chen style Taiji Quan with Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang.

JKP publications by Oleg Tcherne

  1. Alchemy of Pushing Hands

    Alchemy of Pushing Hands

    Oleg Tcherne

    Pushing Hands develops sensitivity to the body's internal state and can be used to help control the emotions, the circulation of energy and physical balance. This book teaches the reader how to act in harmony with any external event without losing their 'balance' or center, enabling them to respond with confidence and flexibility to each situation. Learn More
    2009, 128pp