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Denise Tiran

Denise Tiran MSc RM PGCEA is a midwifery lecturer, complementary practitioner and an international authority on maternity complementary medicine. She is Educational Director of Expectancy, the leading provider of accredited courses for midwives on aromatherapy and other complementary therapies. Denise is also editor of the acclaimed Bailliere's Midwives' Dictionary, now in its 13th edition.

JKP publications by Denise Tiran

  1. Using Natural Remedies Safely in Pregnancy and Childbirth

    Using Natural Remedies Safely in Pregnancy and Childbirth

    A Reference Guide for Maternity and Healthcare Professionals

    Denise Tiran. Foreword by Pam Conrad

    A ready reference guide for midwives, GPs, doulas and other healthcare professionals involved in conventional maternity care to enable them to advise and inform women on different natural remedies. With the emphasis on safety, a thorough list of contraindicated remedies is also included. Learn More
    Mar 2021, Paperback / softback, 8.90in x 5.98in / 226mm x 152mm, 256pp, $34.95
    ISBN: 9781787752528
    Mar 2021, Ebook, ePUB, $34.95
    ISBN: 9781787752535